About Us

ASIACOM is the largest computer related IT equipment supply and service company in Bangladesh. ASIACOM since from 2003. This company CEO is Mr. Md. Abdul Jalil. Now this Company’s has more than 300 corporate clients and many-many public client. This company specially provides Laptop, Desktop computer, printer, UPS & LCD/LED Monitor, Networking equipment. It has a strong technical team for service computer related all equipment. The technical team provides International standard service.
Our Laptop hardware repairs include:
Laptop does not power up.
Laptop LCD/LED screen is very dim or dark.
Nothing is visible on laptop LCD/LED screen but it works if plugged into an external screen.
Laptop screen is not turning on.
Laptop screen is cracked or damaged.
Laptop backlight problem / inverter problem.
Laptop GPU/ Graphics Distortion on the display.
Faulty Laptop Motherboard.
Laptop is over heating or shutting down.
Laptop keyboard repair.
Laptop power adaptor repairs.
Loose or broken hinge repairs.
Laptop DVD Drive upgrade and replacement.
DC jack repairs.
RAM Memory upgrades.
Replacement of broken or cracked plastic parts.
Liquid spill repairs.
Component level motherboard repairs.
Upgrade of hard disk to SSD.
Spare or replacement batteries and power cables.
Our software repairs include:
Laptop virus Removal.
Removal of annoying popup and spyware from laptop.
Data and file rescue services (from defective laptop hard drives).
Data backup and recovery services.
Laptop operating system upgrades.
Transfer of data to your new computer.
Solutions for slow laptops.
Repairs for “blue screens of death” and other Windows issues.
Laptop drivers installation.
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